Our Mission

At Hercules Brand, our mission is to serve as a catalyst, promoting well-being and healthy lifestyles for consumers through the development of the highest quality health products. We live in a global community where the well-being of each person impacts our society. Hercules promotes healthy living from the molecular level of our products, through rigorous manufacturing, to providing vitamins that create simple abundance through pure, tested ingredients that create the outcomes you seek for healthy living. Honesty, integrity, excellence and passion are our core values. These values are woven into every product we provide so that our consumers can trust Hercules to maximize their health and in turn, create a healthier global community. Hercules: Life is a Journey; as your partners in health, let us share a balanced, harmonious path marked by continuous well-being, fitness and joy.

Our Vision

We live in a fast-paced world in which achieving health and well-being are critical to every facet of our individual and collective lives. Hercules positively impacts our consumers across the lifespan by creating stewards for the environment through providing the highest quality ingredients that are natural, tested and pure. Our products are based on the core belief that a harmonious lifestyle is created when there is balance, appreciation and responsibility shared between our micro individual experiences and the macro, global world that we all inhabit. Recognizing our social responsibility as an international company, Hercules honors the early years as a crucial foundation and invests ten percent of all profits in early education programs in the communities in which our products are sold.

While outsourcing is the norm for most global companies, at Hercules, we support the American tradition of excellence and quality control by using US vendors for all of our raw materials and packaging. We continually seek new avenues to provide our customers with the tools they need to improve their lives through products, technology and educational material. In turn, we become lifelong health partners with our consumers, continually meeting their needs for the highest quality products and the necessary guidance to live lives devoted to wellness.